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Specialists in precision machining to plan for any industrial sector; steel industry, machine tools, industrial plant, Oil & Gas, energy and aeronautics


Over four decades dedicated to machining all types of part to plan offer the best guarantee of our work. At Haizelur we offer you a comprehensive parts machining to plan service, aligned at all times with the needs of your project or company. We successfully handle all manner of machining projects, from single parts to medium series.

Our commitment to the quality of our work means we impose rigorous demands at every point of the process we perform. From the prior analysis of the machining project plans, through production, quality control, down to any treatments and coatings that the client may need for their parts.

We carry out all types of coating treatment (tempering, blueing, phosphating, zinc-coating and anodising, among others). Consult your needs with our team and we will offer you a comprehensive, bespoke machining to plan project.

What do you need?

Machining of all types of material


Our experience and thorough knowledge of both machining and the sector itself allows us always to work with the best materials suppliers and metal fabricators. We machine a wide range of materials.


  • Stainless steels
  • Carbon steels (F-114, S355...)
  • Alloy special steels (42 CrMo4...)
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Cast metal
  • Inconel
  • Titanium

We specialise in precision machining of parts for any sector. Our team's experience, cutting-edge production machines and a trustworthy technical office are key factors in successfully handling any parts machining project with complex geometries or special machining.

Need a critical parts machining service?


Contact our team for help with bespoke solutions. Whatever your sector, we can help you with a bespoke machining service.

Machining for machine tools and other industrial plant

Machining for machine tools and other industrial plant


Decades of experience machining parts for machine tools give us a thorough knowledge of the sector and its demands. We machine all types of parts for machine tools, apparatus and other industrial plant, whatever your sector and the type of work you perform. If you need to machine large-sized parts for machinery, Haizelur is here to help.

Machining for the steel sector


Machining for the
steel sector


Haizelur we offer a fully reliable machining service for the steel sector, completely in line with the needs of each project. Our experience of steel sector machining, and our thorough knowledge of the types of part produced for the sector, are the key to guarantee machining results that fulfil the highest technical demands.

Machining for Oil & Gas, energy and aeronautics


Machining for Oil & Gas, energy and aeronautics


Haizelur we have the resources and experience required in order successfully to handle machining projects for the Oil & Gas, energy and aeronautics sectors. We specialise in machining all types of part for these sectors, providing you with our technical office service and a professional team with experience in machining parts for the oil and gas industry.

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