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Specialists in precision machining to plan for any industrial sector; steel industry, machine tools, industrial plant, Oil & Gas, energy and aeronautics


At Haizelur we are committed to the highest levels of production quality, attending to every detail of our production resources and facilities to offer you the best possible parts machining to plan service.

Which means that our facilities and production resources are one of the fundamental cornerstones of our working philosophy. At Haizelur we have cutting-edge facilities and production resources with the most advanced technology to guarantee the utmost quality and precision in our parts machining service.

Here you will find a full list of our machining centres, milling machines, vertical centres, CNC lathes and tangential grinding machines.

4 and 5 axis machining centres  

4 and 5 axis machining centres

Makino a8IM 5-axis palletised

X = 900mm

Y = 800mm

Z = 1000mm

Dividing plate of X = 630mm / Y = 630mm


DMG MORI DMC75 5-axis palletised

X = 750mm
Y = 650mm

Z = 560 mm

Automated palletised warehouse with 3 pallets


John Ford HMC-500 palletised

X = 700mm

Y = 500mm

Z = 700mm

Dividing plate of X = 450mm / Y = 500mm

Deckel Maho DMU 80 P hi-dyn

X = 800mm

Y = 800mm

Z = 700mm

Dividing plate of X = 900mm / Y = 900mm


5-axis Ibarmia ZVH 58 L/4000

X = 4.000 mm

Y = 1.000 mm 

Z = 1.100 mm

Dividing plate of X = 1000 mm / Y = 1000 mm

4 and 5 axis machining centres


Correa Anayak VH PLUS-3000-MG fixed bench rotary table milling machine

X = 3000mm

Y = 1675mm

Z = 2000mm

Dividing plate of X = 1600mm / Y = 1200mm


Anayak VH PLUS-4000 travelling column bed machine

X = 4000mm

Y = 1500mm

Z = 1200mm

Optionally fitted CNC dividing plate X = 1000mm / Y = 800mm

Anayak HVM-5000 fixed bed travelling column milling machine

X = 4300mm

Y = 1200mm

Z = 2000mm

Optionally fitted CNC dividing plate X = 1000mm / Y = 800mm

Vertical centres

John Ford SV-41 vertical centre

X = 1050mm

Y = 600mm

Z = 600mm


Anayak Matic 7 vertical centre

X = 850mm

Y = 400mm

Z = 500mm

John Ford SV-48 vertical centre

X = 1200mm

Y = 700mm

Z = 700mm

CNC lathes

DOSSAN PUMA 700 lathe

Ø = 860mm

Z = 1600mm

DOOSAN 550L lathe

Ø = 550mm

Z = 1130mm

Tangential grinding machines

KRASNI flat grinding machine

X = 1000mm

Y = 400mm

Z = 200mm


GER flat grinding machine

X = 1000mm

Y = 600mm

Z = 600mm

DANOBAT flat grinding machine

X= 1500mm

Y= 700mm

Z= 600mm

At Haizelur we machine parts with reliable, modern machinery  
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